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36”x36”x60” Powder Coating Oven / Cerakote Oven

Unit Price: $2,100.00

Also available in custom sizes


- Powder Curing Oven

- User Manual

- Wiring Diagram


- External: 36” x 36” x 60”

- Internal: 31” x 31” x 57”


- Double-walled with galvanized steel sheeting both inside and out


- Heavy-duty galvanized steel flooring, heavy enough to protect the flooring underneath, thin enough to roll carts in and out of the oven


- Two (2) long-life mineral insulated metal sheathed heating elements

- The chamber door opens out providing access to the full width of the chamber

- Chamber walls and door encased with mineral fiber insulation (rated @ 2100F), providing maximum thermal efficiency

- High-temperature silicone compound gasket provides a seal within the chamber

- Ceramic fiberglass door gasket


- Commercial Grade ball bearing oven door hinges

- Industrial Strength door latch clamps

- Made in USA


- Side Mounted Control Panel 

- Digital temperature control, display set temperature as well as actual temperature inside the heating chamber


- Thermocouple
- On/Off Breaker Switch 

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