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Go Faster, Stay Cleaner with This Optional Roller Rack for Your Powder Coating and Curing Ovens

The powder coating procedure can be quite messy and time-consuming depending on the number and size of parts you are covering. While coating the parts with sprayers a lot of product gets sprayed here and there. Moreover, it takes a long time when you spray the parts individually. At this point, an optional roller rack can be at your rescue.

With proper design and optimization of this equipment, you can get your job done faster and keep the setup cleaner. Wondering how? Continue reading this blog to know how a roller rack can be useful for your powder coating setup.

5 Benefits of Using Optional Roller Rack for Powder Coating

A roller rack can be advantageous to your powder coating system in multiple ways. Here are some of the best points that you must know:

1. Better Line Density

With an improved line density, you can increase your productivity and reduce your operational cost. Using an optional roller rack can help improve your line density by increasing the number of productions at a single time. For instance, your line has a capacity of powder coating 5 feet every minute. You can maximize the conveyor space and utilize the rolling rack to hang multiple parts.

Thus, you can powder coat larger parts at a time with enhanced efficiency and lower production cost. Rolling racks are excellent means to provide an organized operation of powder coating or curing ovens.

2. Reduce Line Speed

A well-designed powder coating rolling rack can reduce the line speed thereby reducing your entire cost of the powder system. So, you need to design the roller rack as per the number of parts to be coated, shifts to be run, and the largest part size. You can design the rack in such a way that it can hold maximum parts. Apart from this, consider some other factors while designing the rack.

For instance, if you need to carry water for spray washing the parts, roller racks should be designed with a proper drainage system. Thus, optimizing the design of your rack can help in enhancing work efficiency in all aspects.

3. Enables Proper Application

Another notable benefit of an optimized rack design is that it helps in proper powder coating application. While powder coating is a part, you may come across some areas that are hard to reach. Hanging the part on a roller rack can help you access those areas easily and you can operate them both manually and by using automatic guns.

However, ensure the size of your rack is suitable for the part you are painting. For instance, if the rack is larger than the parts, it can eat up the powder more than the part during application. However, if the rack size is compatible with the part size, it can enable a hassle-free and smooth powder application.

4. Safety of the Operator

While applying the powder coat you must ensure the safety parameters. If you do not ground the parts properly it may result in safety hazards like fires. With a proper rack design, you can enhance the system's performance and maintain its health. Unclean racks can also lead to severe mishaps.

Maintaining the health of your rack system is essential for the healthy operation of the powder coating oven. Thus, you should maintain a proper rack height, easy loading and lifting of the parts, etc., for a safe and seamless operation.

5. Cost And Maintenance

An optional roller rack can also reduce the maintenance cost of your powder-coating ovens. How? With a roller rack, you can powder coat the maximum number of parts at a time which reduces your frequency of usage. Moreover, you can internally ground the contact points to prevent them from getting powder coated.

It also helps maintain the electrostatic current on the rack for extended periods. You can opt for an automated powder coating oven to avoid unnecessary powder spray. These machines will spray only when you hang the parts on the rack. Thus, you don’t need to clean the roller rack frequently and can save on your production cost as well.

Bottom Line

All this is possible only when you design and fabricate the rolling rack optimally. Moreover, you need to reduce the number of usable racks in your setup. Using one rack for all parts would have been ideal but it is not possible to paint all parts in a single rolling rack. So, you can minimize the number of optional rolling racks and reduce the cost and maintenance. Don't know where you can find these types of rolling racks?Order from us and even get a financing option!

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