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Powder Coating Oven




General Specifications:

  • The air filters shall be of the (30%) efficiency Extended Surface type, and shall sewn into a single pocket configuration. The media pocket shall be sewn around a peripheral wire frame assembly to prevent air by-pass, and use a moisture resistant thread to enhance durability.

  • The filter media shall consist of a non-migrating, dual denier, polyester media, with a needled, single-density, single denier media affixed to the downstream side. Media construction shall provide superior dust holding capacity and arrestance of more than 600 grams and 94% respectively.

  • Each filter shall have a MERV value of 6, or greater as determined by the A.S.H.R.A.E. 52.2 - 1992 test method, and shall withstand a maximum temperature of 160 o F., and have a minimum burst pressure of 6.0" w.g.

  • The rated filter face velocity shall be 500 FPM, with an air flow capacity 1750 CFM. The initial resistance shall not exceed 0.24" W.G.


  • Accuracy:±3% FS

  • Range: 0-3 in. w.c.

  • Pressure Limits:10 psi (70 kPa)

  • Broad ranging in easy to read calibrated increments

  • Gages ideally suited for general measurements and specific air applications

  • Compact stationary device, makes it a simple to use tool for pressure measurement applications.


Indicates the restriction on filters and gives a visual indication of when they should be replaced. Red Fluid is a curved inclined-vertical tube manometer that is capable of pressure measurements above and below atmospheric as well as differential pressure measurements. This model offers a range of 0-3 in. w.c. in easy to read calibrated increments.

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