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How to Build a Roller Rack for a Powder Coating or Coloring Setup – 5 Tips

Every powder coating system needs a roller rack to move heavy parts efficiently and safely. A powder coating process involves multiple steps like loading the parts, cleaning them, applying powder, powder curing, coat cool, and unloading. However, to carry out the operation seamlessly, you need to hang the parts on a rolling rack. Thus, it is essential to build this rack efficiently for easy workflow. Read further to get better insights on a roller rack-building procedure.

Check Out the Top 5 Tips to Build a Perfect Roller Rack

Following these simple tips while building your roller rack will improve your production and help save working time:

1. Enhance Durability with a Strong Frame

While building any equipment, you need to create a strong base to ensure its durability. A strong frame will help the rolling rack support the load safely. You can build the frame using square tube stock or angle iron for better functioning. Keep the corners sharp, and edges clean. Also, add notches while designing your roller rack, it will help in creating adequate ground contact.

2. Use Removable Hanging Bars

The hanging bar needs to be cleaned at regular intervals for uninterrupted functioning. Thus, it is better to have a removable hanging bar to make the task easier. When these bars are bolted or slide on a particular side, they can be taken out to get the built-up powder while powder coating.

Go for square tubing as these feature flat surfaces than angled iron or round tubing options. Being flat, they can be easily cleaned and offer excellent services for long years.

3. Build the Rack in a T-shape

You may not appreciate the rack frame interrupting while you are spraying the parts. Building a T-shape rack can keep the parts and frame away from bumping into each other. While building your roller rack, make sure it is properly welded and the joints are cross-braced at 90-degree angles. It will help keep your rack sturdy.

Though a square cage rack serves better while powder-coating heavy parts, T-shape racks offer hassle-free operation.

4. Make a Perfect Grounding Tab

Build a solid grounding tab for the bottom part of your rolling cart to keep the ground clean from falling powder. However, make sure you can clean the grounding tab easily as it may accumulate powder overspray while coating. On the other hand, your powder coating setup should have a proper grounding point. You can attach copper grounding rods in the booth so that you do not need to drag around the ground clamp while operating.

With this grounding technique, you can maintain the powder transfer efficiency and save time and money. It will facilitate an easy operation that gets interrupted due to the heavily coated baked-on powder on the grounding tab. A clean and maintained grounding rack will help in improving power efficiency and production.

5. Fit Larger Wheels to Your Roller Rack

If your roller rack system has smaller wheels it can get clogged with the powder very often. This is because small wheels have less space between the wheel and its mounting plate. However, in the case of larger wheels, this space is more which leads to lesser deposition of powder and enables easy cleaning.

Thus, you should install larger wheels above 4 inches to keep your rack functional. Another reason why smaller wheels are not ideal for rolling racks is they are hard to steer with heavy loads. On the contrary, racks with larger wheels spin easily with heavy loads.

Why Do You Need a Rolling Rack System for Your Powder Coating Setup?

Whether you set up a stainless-steel rolling rack or an iron one, design it appropriately for optimum output. A perfectly designed rolling rack helps improve the following aspects:

● Part Variety

It indicates the variety of parts you are painting at your powder coating setup including the powder coating oven and more. While painting products of multiple sizes or large quantities you need an adjustable rack. It will help you in hanging several parts at a time on the same hang.

● Part Density

With maximum rack density, you can finish coating more parts at a time and increase your productivity. Thus, you can cut down production costs and earn more profit. A perfect rack will allow for maximizing part density in both horizontal and vertical ways.

● Maintenance

With more production at a time, you need less maintenance for the roller carts and other systems. This is because you can paint the maximum number of parts at a time which in turn will reduce the frequency of using the rack.


You need to invest your time and money to build a well-designed roller rack to conduct powder coating operations. However, once prepared, this efficient racking can enhance the productivity and profitability of your powder coating or coloring setup. Opt for an efficient equipment manufacturing company like ours for your rolling rack-related requirements and increase your productivity.Contact us for assistance.

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