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The Roller Rack: The Perfect Balance for Your Spray Booth and Powder Coating Needs

A rolling rack system is required in various production fields to make the operation easier. However, the need for a roller rack in a powder coating setup deserves special mention. Powder coating and spray booth setups deal with larger machinery parts. So, they need a flexible setup to load this equipment for easy paint or powder applications.

Roller racks are an ideal solution to these requirements. It can make your task easier and faster without affecting the quality and quantity of production.

Here’s more detail on the rolling rack system that you need to know!

Why Do You Need Roller Rack for Paintball and Powder Coating Setups?

The contribution of roller racks in powder coating or paintball cannot be underestimated. From hanging heavy parts to painting them efficiently, rolling racks play a major role in getting the entire job done. The best part is designing racks for powder coating setup does not involve any complex process and comes at cost-efficient prices. More benefits are mentioned below:

● These racks already come with holes in them for hanging the parts. So, you can fix them easily and start the powder coating operation on the same day as installing the rack.

Roller racks feature hangers where you can hang machinery parts that are to be painted. After loading the parts properly, you can clean them and apply a powder coat.

● The gaps between these hangers help in cleaning and painting each part efficiently. You can cover every area of these parts and apply a powder coat as per requirement.

● As it hangs from a single rod, every area of the parts in operation is easily accessible.

● Moreover, these racks if optimized properly can reduce your frequency of using powder coating and prevent waste of material. You can also optimize the size and design of a roller rack to attain such work efficiency.

● You can hang more parts on a rolling rack at a time to avoid using powder-coating ovens frequently. Moreover, you can prevent any wastage of paint by covering a maximum number of parts at a time.

Thus, roller racks can help in reducing your operation time and cost which in turn will enhance your productivity and profitability.

What are the Features of a Perfect Roller Rack System?

A well-designed rolling rack can enhance the efficiency of a powder coating setup. Here are some of the best features of a perfect rolling rack system:


A spacious rack will allow you to run more parts through the conveyor at a time and increase your productivity. All you need to do is present the parts in a solid line so that they can pass through the coating sprayer and apply powder coat effectively. However, you need to maintain enough space between each part to enable a seamless application.

For this, you need to arrange each hanger properly to make enough room for each part. When the parts will hang freely you can access them from a different direction and apply the coat accordingly.

Well Grounded

Though critical, you should ground your roller rack properly to withstand the electrostatic attractions. This is because the hooks, hangers, and racks are crucial parts of the electrical circuitry that enables the coating process. Thus, proper grounding is essential for a safe and effective powder coating process.

Moreover, your racks should have sharp points to ensure the point of mechanical contact remains the same for every part. It will help in preventing excessive powder accumulation on the racks and hooks where you hang the parts for painting.

This way you can minimize the total number of contact points to add proper grounding to the rolling rack system. Another way to keep a rack clean and safe is by hanging the parts to a blind area. It will guard the hook and prevent powder decomposition on it.

Optimum Density

Rack density plays a major role in enhancing your productivity and reducing costs. Denser racking parts lead to a higher amount of production from the paint lines. However, maintaining the part-racking density often gets challenging even if you choose the best shops. So, while getting your roller rack, always check for a higher line density.

If there are big holes in the line, the paint can leak out to places that do not contain products. Thus, it will increase your burden of cleaning the racks and waste products. So, you should load the rack densely to avoid wastage of products and powder coat the parts efficiently.

However, for automatic lines, the gaps between the holes should be wider to utilize the space. As automated spray guns turn off automatically whenever not in use, big gaps do not put much toll.

Final Word

So, find a rolling racksystem that has been designed using design tools for specific parts and flexibility. The design of a rack may differ depending on the number of parts you need to paint a day. All you need to do is find a reputed manufacturer like Built American Equipment for the perfect roller rack as per your need. We even offer afinancing option that just takes 4 minutes to apply and you will get approval within seconds!

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